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The Good and the Bad

I received an email from a reader of The Walls of the Universe this morning who expected to read the book over a few days, but was so swept up in it that he read it in one sitting. The email arrived at 5:30am. :) It truly is gratifying to be able to entertain someone, to distract them with adventure and fun for a few hours.

On the other hand, to keep me in my place, karma sent the following review. I've taped it up in my cube.

On the third hand, Jim Hines was kind enough to forward me the following web comic. I'm a little flabbergasted over this one. :)

I don't have a fourth hand.


Book Release Day!

The Walls of the Universe is out today. Oh, joyous day! Book Release Day, if you ask any author, is like Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. The celebrations have already begun here at Chateau Melko. The children greeted me dressed in Editor Clause suits, though Claire refused to keep the beard on or the cigar in her mouth for more than a minute. The walls were papered with rejection letters and the Book Release shrub had been decorated with popcorn balls and ornaments shaped like proofreader symbols. We've sung a number of Book Release Day carols, including our favorites "The Twelve Days of Royalties," "Do You Read What I Read?" and "We Wish You The Merry Film Rights." Later we'll gather around a roaring bonfire and burn the pages of the uncorrected proofs one by one.

Yes, Happy Book Release Day to one and all!

And the books is available on Amazon. ;)


The First Five Chapters

The Walls of the Universe comes out February 3rd! So as the release date approaches, I'm going to upload a new chapter of the book every few days. I was thinking random chapters, but Stacey convinced me I should do the first five. Today, Chapter 1 is on-line at my web site.


Double Review of WALLS in Locus

The January Locus arrived in Ohio, amidst the largest daytime snowfall in, like, forever, with two reviews of The Walls of the Universe. First Paul Witcover says, "It's a scrappy, character-driven multiversal romp that stands on its own... but also tips its hat to classic time-travel paradox tales...." and "Melko is not an especially graceful writer but he is an efficient one, and he knows how to build suspense and drive a narrative forward."

Gary K Wolfe says in his review, "In the end, The Walls of the Universe... is as compelling as it is unchallenging, and exactly the sort of thing you can hand to a non-SF reader with confidence."

I'll live with those assessments. ;)


The Second Novel Arrives

In the mail today were copies of The Walls of the Universe. Sorry, not yet available in stores, but woooooooo! Nice, huh? Check out my oeuvre!

From Covers

The book comes out in less than 1 month. Official release date is Feb. 3rd, according to Amazon.

To support the marketing of the book, I have refrigerator magnets! Let me know if you want one! Unless you have a wooden refrigerator.