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Fall Ball Update

Eli's team suffered an ignoble loss to the Bombers tonight. The final score was 13 to 2, though we were leading for two innings. Then they batted around twice in a row. We left bases loaded twice ourselves, including our last inning rally. We've fallen to 3 and 4 for the season, and are hurting from a two game losing streak. We play the number 1 team on Saturday. Still, it's fun to be out there, and the boys are having a blast. Coaching is a lot of work however. I don't know if I'll be head coach again. I like being an assistant.

Audrey's team lost on Tuesday in a squeaker: 2-1. They're now at 3 and 3. We had some very good fielding; several balls hit by our girls would have been hits if it wasn't for some fine glove-work by the other team. Audrey did pretty well; she can whack the ball hard when she's at bat. In the field she's a little tentative.

I realized the other day that I have years more of T-ball, little league, and softball ahead, with Graham coming up behind Eli and Audrey. Of course let's not forget the fetus to be named later. I'll end up with quite a collection of hats and t-shorts.

Hornets Climb Out of the Cellar!

Audrey's softball team tied in its penultimate game against the Bears and won its last game against the Eagles. That brings us to a rather pitiful record of 2-9-1. However, the one team we had beaten before was the Bears, and they were the second to worst team, meaning that our same records of 2-9-1 have us tied for last place. But for tournament play, the first tie-breaker is head-to-head competition; our record against the Bears is 1-0-1, making us seeded 5th for the tournament. We play the Eagles again.

So there's a good chance we can at least win one game in the tournament, and with the way the girls have been playing lately, we have a good chance to take it all. (All right, I'm dreaming, but I'm allowed.)

Hornets Win! Hornets Win!

Audrey's softball team won for the first time tonight. They had lost 5 in a row, and, man, was that no fun. They were one bunch of mopey 7- and 8-year-olds. We were tied at the bottom of the last inning, and Jordan was up. She had struck-out twice before, the second time resulting in a good cry. But this time, she dinged it down the third-base line. Hannah was up next and advanced Jordan to second. Then Katelyn was up. Katelyn hit back-to-back triples in the very first game of the season, but since then had been struggling. Tonight, she'd struck-out once and hit into a fielder's choice. But this time, Katelyn smacked a double that drove in Jordan.

Hornets win!

I think we could still end up with a winning season....