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The Ohio State Fair!

We typically go on the last Sunday of the Fair, but this year we went a week earlier because we wanted to avoid the hot weather, and we thought this past Sunday would be cooler than the next. I don't think that will be possible. It was HOT.

We arrived early in the hopes of doing a half-day of fair fun in the cool morning. It was 86 degrees when we left the car at 10am. It was nearing 100 when we left at 2pm.

The kids however didn't seem to notice. Even Graham was happy to be pushed around. He was in the shade of his kiddapotamus, so he was set. Audrey and Eli wanted to do the fun houses, so after purchasing the $72 (!!!) worth of daily ride passes, we went down fun house row. Eli was much more mature this year, and went on nearly all of them by himself, or with me a few feet behind him. No fussing.

Audrey and I went on the gravitron, which uses centripetal force to stick you to the wall. It was not made for tall people, so my head got to flattened against the wire mesh. Ouch. Now I know what 3 gees is like. Migraine, here I come. Audrey and I then did one of those circular rollercoasters that play the loud music and have a DJ that tries to get everybody to yell if you're from Ohio.

By then it was noon and we were all drooping. We headed for the air-conditioned lunch pavilion where we snagged a table by knocking over an old lady on an electric scooter. Mmmm, fair food. I ate a yummy sweet corn, a chicken kabob, and a super-sweet lemonade. You can't beat fair food.

Then we hit the superslide, though apparently I didn't have to go with the kids. By habit I took a coffee bag and followed them up the 160 steps... twice. Then to the merry-go-round.

By then we were all pooped, especially the pregnant one. We caught a few fun houses on the way back to the car and the rollercoaster. Eli and I went together. After the first hill, Eli turned to me and said, "I'm done with this ride." I told him we were committed to the whole thing at this point. He made it through without panicking, but I think he's done with rollercoasters.

The car was 105 degrees. We rolled down all the windows and let it cool off before entering. We drove home and all of us napped.