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Cooper the Toad

We came across a toad in the backyard. He (or she, I guess) has dug in next to the hose, where the cement slabs are cool and a drip of water keeps him wet when the water is on. He's about 3.5 inches long and pretty darn wide. Audrey was quick to point out that he was a toad when I call him a frog.

"He's not living near water, AND he has bumps. He's a toad," she explained.

What do I know?

"What are we going to name our toad?" I asked at dinner.

"Toadie!" cried Audrey.

"Froggie!" cried Eli.

"Eli!" cried Audrey.

"Mom!" cried Eli. "Audrey is going to name the toad Eli!"

"No one is going to name the toad Eli," I proclaimed. I proclaim a lot, since I'm dad.

We debated a while, and finally settled on Cooper. Cooper the toad is living under the hose in our backyard!