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Writing Update

I finished the edits for Wyrm and Dragon: The Whispering Lips. This is the book I workshopped at Blue Heaven in May. I thought it was a single volume at the time, but it became clear as I finished the first chunk that I had a 300K trilogy. To verify that, I wrote a draft of the second book, and sure enough, I had enough for a trilogy. I'm still trying to understand how to work and estimate at longer lengths. Short stories I can judge, but novels and series, not so much.

The book and the synopsis are off to the agent for her perusal. Now, what should work on? Feel free to chime in:

* "The Pinball Wizards", sequel to "The Walls of the Universe."
* The latter half of middle-grade collaboration "Sargasso: Sea"
* Final draft of Wyrm and Dragon: The Ink Mercenaries
* Another Cankerman story.
* Something entirely else


Two Works Up for SFWAns

I have two stories that are available on-line for SFWA members to read. "Walls of the Universe" is a novella with 7 recommendations. (3 more needed to make the Nebula preliminary ballot.) This story first appeared in the April-May Asimov's double issue from last year.

"The Teosinte War" is a short story (though it's erroneously listed as a novella) that was in Lou Ander's Future Shocks. Both stories are on the 2006 Reading List for the Sidewise Award. (Being on the Reading List only means that the story is about alternate history, but hey, it's on a list!)

If any non-SFWA members would like to read them, I will e-mail you a copy.

The Collection TOC

My first collection is coming out from Fairwood Press next year. Ten Sigmas and Other Unlikelihoods will feature a collection of my science fiction work. My fantasy work will be in another volume, as soon as I write enough of it. ;)

My table of contents looks like this:

Ten Sigmas
The Teosinte War
Doctor Mighty and the Case of Ennui
Alien Fantasies
The Summer of the Seven
Singletons in Love
Strength Alone
Dysfunctional Family Cat
Fallow Earth
Death of the Egg King
Walls of the Universe
Snail Stones

That's an impressive list of stories, if I do say so myself. Two stories in the Year's Best, several honorable mentions. One story on the preliminary Nebula ballot. Seven different publications. The collection spans (gasp!) ten years.

I've been working on the text of it, finding the definitive copies, adding copy edits, consolidating the stories into one document, and adding story notes. It's been fun to go back and view these old stories, and I'm looking forward to seeing it all in print next year.

Top Ten Things to Do With my Advance...

In the mail to the agent is the first half of my advance from Tor for Singularity's Ring. The agent will deposit it, deduct 15%, and send me a check for the rest. Whoopie! In case you're wondering what 1/2 half of the advance looks like, you can look at Toby's survey, or if you like data of this kind, you can see it here for the romance genre. So for a normal working Joe, it's like getting an extra month or two of pay. I can't wave the check in front of my boss' face and say, "Shove it!" However, it's a nice wad of cash. The question is, what should I do with it?

Top Ten Things to Do With my Advance

10. Down-payment on fenced compound in Idaho.
9. Start a web-zine for cutting edge stories other magazines won't touch.
8. Sign check on back as "L. Ron Hubbard" and see if it still gets deposited.
7. Buy a gross of fridge magnets so I can start my marketing campaign.
6. Upgrade my livejournal account.
5. Hookers and blow.
4. Buy some positive reviews.
3. Frame, take to 20 year high school reunion, wave under noses shouting, "See? See?"
2. Buy plot for next book from guy on corner.
1. Send check back with a note saying, "I do this for the love!"

It's Official!

If it's in Locus it must be true. I've sold my book Singularity's Ring to Tor.

Where did this all begin? you ask. Well, let me Collapse )

Six month later, the contracts are signed and the deal is in Locus. And let me tell you how hard it's been to not yell about this! But now it can be told.

A Writing Update

In the mail this week were contributor copies of ESLI, the Russian SF magazine. ESLI bought the first three stories of my pod series: "The Summer of the Seven," "Strength Alone," and "Singletons in Love," publishing the three collectively as "The Children of the Singularity." The first two first appeared in Asimov's, the last in Lou Ander's Live Without A Net. Together they represented the first third of my forthcoming novel.

Via babelfish, here's a quick translation of the first line of "Children of the Singularity:"

CHILDREN OF THE SINGULARITY by Floor MELKOU "unit - nonsense, one - zero..." The voice of agitator, bawler through the years is heard after the ocean, true, is comprehended this idea completely otherwise.

This is the second story I've had in ESLI, and they pay very well for reprints. They first did Fallow Earth.

My name in Russian, by the way, looks like this: Пол МЕЛКОУ. And doing a vanity search in Russian, I found my Russian bibliography. :)

In other news, I know my story "The Cankerman Shower" at Baen has made it past the committee to Eric Flint's pile. Eric claims to be about four months behind in submissions, due to deadlines.

From my sources at Locus, I know my novel announcement and collection announcement should be in the next or the next next Locus. Which is good. The publishers sent both in, which means it must be official to both of them. ;)

And finally, I am finishing up the editor-requested edits for Singularity's Ring. I should be done by the end of the month. Yah!