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Kirkus Review of Walls

The Walls of the Universe got another review, this time in Kirkus. Not great, not bad: "Well executed but all too familiar, with a late plot twist suggesting it will mutate into an interworld hunter-killer series. Your move."


WALLS in the Can

Today I finished the backwards read-through and put the final touches on the novel version of The Walls of the Universe. It's off to the agent. Ahhhhh. It feels good to be done.

Now what?



Typo of the Day

A reader of the manuscript of The Walls of the Universe dutifully -- nay, gleefully -- pointed out a sentence in which two of my characters were sitting at a malt shop sipping handshakes.

"Do those come in vanilla and chocolate?" reader wondered.

"No," I replied. "Index, ring, and, in this case, middle."


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In the mail was a copy of ESLI with the translation of "The Walls of the Universe" in it. (I note Tim Pratt in the table of contents as well.) The cover art is for my story. It's a rendering of John Rayburn in "a pleistocene universe, one of the unpopulated ones, where all of North America was mastodons and sabretooth tigers." The wrap-around cover shows a second megafauna in the background.

How cool is that?


Asimov's Readers' Award Rankings

The September 07 Asimov's arrived in my mailbox a few days back, and inside is the top five rankings for the Readers' Awards. The winners were announced at the Nebulas, so we already knew that my story "The Walls of the Universe" won in the novella category, and pals Paolo Bacigalupi and Tim Pratt won in the novelette and short story categories. But now we know that Bill Shunn was in the top five in novellas, and Greg van Eekhout was runner up to Tim. Jack Skillingstead was also in the hunt for short story. Cool, huh?

I hesitate (but only momentarily) to note that the top five in my award category match 4 of the 5 in the Hugo category. Are the Asimov's readers' voting an indication of the Hugo voting? What's the statistical correlation on that? Ah, well, the rocket is probably going to Robert Charles Wilson. ;)


Sturgeon Award Finalist!

I was off the InterWeb today, at a one-day seminar, and out of the blue kenscholes pinged with news that "The Walls of the Universe" is a Sturgeon Award Finalist!. I had no idea, and a moment of confusion occurred while I tried to figure out what Ken was talking about. My feet are bare, because my socks have been knocked off.

The list of fellow finalists is awesome. Congratulations to all, but special congratulations to Mary, Paolo, Bill, Ben, and Christopher. Wow.


"Walls" Podcast Part 2

For those listening to the podcast of "The Walls of the Universe" from the WRFR fm 93.3 radio station in Rockland, Maine, the next part is on-line here.

Paul Cole, the host, notes that he's seen a lot of hits on the site, so I assume some of you are listening to it. Thanks!