Ohioana Book Festival

This Saturday is the Ohioana Book Festival at the The State Library of Ohio. I will be on hand, doing a reading and selling my books. And not just me, but a good fraction of the Ohio Science Fiction Writers Mafia ("There more of us than you think!") will be there too: John Scalzi and Charlie Finlay. Other authors of note include horror writer Gary Braunneck, speculative fiction writer Lucy Snyder, writer Rosemary Laurey, and my college creative writing professor and children's author Andrea Cheng.

This will be the first of two May signings for me! It's free, by the way. What better kind of event is there? That's right, none better.


Novel Release Day!

Not only is Charlie's fine novel out today, but my own first novel is being released in mass-market paperback format today as well. Yes, go on an Ohio author binge today!

Singularity's Ring first appeared in February 2008 in hardcover, and now 15 month later you can get it in the economical paperback version. Followers of this journal will know that Ring has been nominated for both the Compton Crook and Locus Awards for Best First Novel.

Want to know more?

SF Site Review

SciFi.com Review

Strange Horizons Review

Go on! Buy the book!



Stacey and I are back from the Nebulas. What a fabulous, but exhausting trip! It was great to spend the long weekend with Stacey away from the kids. I don't think we've spent so much time together since PK (pre-kid).

The venue for the ceremony was very nice, and the food was pretty darn good. Stacey looked stunning, as you can see right here. No wonder Jim Kelly is smiling.

From Stacey

(Picture courtesy of Ruth Nestvold.)

The highlight of the weekend was the Getty Museum however, which was absolutely amazing.



Top Moments from Norwescon

  • A panel on the next generation of writers with Ken Scholes and Warren Hammond, during which we had no real answer on what defines the current generation of writers, but we managed to talk about for 55 minutes anyway.
  • Critiquing 3 up-and-coming writers and their great stories.
  • A panel on titles with Janna Silverstein, Greg Cox, and Jeff Carlson. Much fun!
  • Sitting in the Green Room discussing management and marketing and how it applies to books with Bob Kruger and Alex Lamb.
  • The sights in the halls! Wow! I didn't know fishnet could do that.
  • Telling a story at my first Talebones Live! Very fun.
  • Sitting between Ken Scholes and Steven Barnes at the autographing.
  • Not knowing who Bob Salvatore was when he introduced himself... and asking him again who he was!
  • Finding a great new series of books in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.
  • Saying goodbye to Ken Scholes six times. Enough already!
  • Seeing so many friends and a few I wasn't expecting to see there at all.
  • Coming home!


Norwescon Schedule

Yes, I'm off to the Pacific Northwest on Thursday. I'm looking forward to seeing all the people I met when I was consulting out there at Boeing for a year. Where will I be?

8PM - Cascade 6 - The Next Generation of Writers: What Are they About?

11AM - Evergreen 1&2 - Autograph Session 1 - 11

Noon - Cascade 6 - Reading from The Walls of the Universe

4pm - Cascade 6 - The Art of Titles

8pm - Cascade 5 - Talebones Live


Millennicon 23 Schedule

I will be in Cincinnati for Millennicon 23 this weekend. Here's what I'll be doing and when:

8PM Is the Short Story Dead?
9PM Reading Roundtable

2PM How to NOT break into print
6PM I want my 20 hour work week!


So come on by and see me, a real-live writer. Guaranteed fun, or at least the maximum fun allowed by law.


The Good and the Bad

I received an email from a reader of The Walls of the Universe this morning who expected to read the book over a few days, but was so swept up in it that he read it in one sitting. The email arrived at 5:30am. :) It truly is gratifying to be able to entertain someone, to distract them with adventure and fun for a few hours.

On the other hand, to keep me in my place, karma sent the following review. I've taped it up in my cube.

On the third hand, Jim Hines was kind enough to forward me the following web comic. I'm a little flabbergasted over this one. :)

I don't have a fourth hand.


Claire Stories

Claire turns 2 this week. We are officially and, hopefully forever so, beyond baby-dom. In celebration here are three cute Claire Stories:

Number 1
Claire recently moved to her big girl bed. This is always a traumatic event, if not for the child, then at least for Stacey. However, in this case, Claire took easily to her new sleeping arrangement... except for one minor issue.

"Come see this," Stacey said as we were getting ready for bed. I entered Claire's dark room. She had dragged all her toys -- books, animals, dolls -- into her bed and was sleeping amongst them.

"How cute!" we agreed.

The next night, Stacey says, "Come see this." She doesn't sound as happy.

I realize that Claire has emptied her diaper box and surrounded herself in her bed with unfolded diapers.

"I'll have to put them higher in the closet," Stacey says.

The next night, Stacey says, not at all in her happy voice, "Come see this!"

Claire had emptied both her wet wipe box and her tissue box, covering her big girl bed in ripped white tissue.

"She's nesting," I suggest.


Number 2

Audrey comes home from school and says, "Claire, are you cute?"

"No," she squeaks in her high voice. "I'm a princess."

We're not sure where she got it.

Number 3
Graham, who is 3.5, likes to spell. Claire listens to her big brother and has decided she likes to spell too.

She'll point to a something. "Truck," she says. Then, "H-I-J-K!" Followed by clear pride in her feat.

"Car! H-I-J-K!"

"Dad! H-I-J-K!"

Yes, every word in the English language is spelled, "H-I-J-K" when you're two!