paulmelko (paulmelko) wrote,

A Day in July

I'm taking tomorrow off and so don't feel the rush to be ready for work, for school, for life. Sister Michaela is coming in for her annual visit, and I don't want to miss that. It's time for the annual migratory journey of the Franciscan nuns out of Wisconsin. :) Stacey's brother Matt stopped by today and delivered our anniversary/birthday/birthday gift: a new zoom lens for the digital camera. So today in pictures:

Claire was dressed up in her ladybug dress today for a friend's birthday party.
From July 09

After Claire and Graham came home, Stacey sat on the deck out back and watched all the kids play. She hates getting her picture taken.
From July 09

Audrey and Amy sat on the back deck and paged through a book playing a game.
From July 09

I turned back to take Stacey's picture. She thinks she can hide from me behind her curls.
From July 09

The zoom lens caught Eli a yard away playing Nintendo with his friend Michael as Jenna, Michael's sister, looks on.
From July 09

And finally Graham on the couch resting from all the fun we had today.
From July 09

There you have it, a day -- actually a half-hour -- in July with the Melkos.


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