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Family Moments

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Jun. 13th, 2009 | 02:50 pm

I don't think the highlights of family vacations are the locales visited at all. It's the family parts of the vacation that count.

We visited the Hocking Hills of Ohio this weekend, hiking the various sites of interest: Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, and Cedar Falls. Here's what I'll be remembering.

Story the first: Graham at Old Man's Cave.

"Where's the old man?"

When explained that there was no old man, it was just the name of the cave.

"Dad, when you're one hundred, you can live here and be the Old Man."

Story the second: Eli on the second day.

"We haven't played Wii for 24 hours and I didn't even notice!"

Story the third: Graham as we gathered sticks to toast marshmallows

"Careful of sparklers!"


"Careful of sparklers!"

"What's a sparkler?"

"If you grab a piece of wood you might get a sparkler in your finger."

Story the fourth: Eli and Dad around the fire

"Dad, did you and mom go to grade school together?"

"Uh, no. Your mom grew up in New Jersey and I grew up in Ohio."

"Where did you meet?"

"In college."

"Oh... Were you on the football team and was she a cheerleader?"

"Er... no."


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(no subject)

from: paulmelko
date: Jun. 13th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)

Exactly! Very funny what children will do and say.

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