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Claire Stories

Claire turns 2 this week. We are officially and, hopefully forever so, beyond baby-dom. In celebration here are three cute Claire Stories:

Number 1
Claire recently moved to her big girl bed. This is always a traumatic event, if not for the child, then at least for Stacey. However, in this case, Claire took easily to her new sleeping arrangement... except for one minor issue.

"Come see this," Stacey said as we were getting ready for bed. I entered Claire's dark room. She had dragged all her toys -- books, animals, dolls -- into her bed and was sleeping amongst them.

"How cute!" we agreed.

The next night, Stacey says, "Come see this." She doesn't sound as happy.

I realize that Claire has emptied her diaper box and surrounded herself in her bed with unfolded diapers.

"I'll have to put them higher in the closet," Stacey says.

The next night, Stacey says, not at all in her happy voice, "Come see this!"

Claire had emptied both her wet wipe box and her tissue box, covering her big girl bed in ripped white tissue.

"She's nesting," I suggest.


Number 2

Audrey comes home from school and says, "Claire, are you cute?"

"No," she squeaks in her high voice. "I'm a princess."

We're not sure where she got it.

Number 3
Graham, who is 3.5, likes to spell. Claire listens to her big brother and has decided she likes to spell too.

She'll point to a something. "Truck," she says. Then, "H-I-J-K!" Followed by clear pride in her feat.

"Car! H-I-J-K!"

"Dad! H-I-J-K!"

Yes, every word in the English language is spelled, "H-I-J-K" when you're two!

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