paulmelko (paulmelko) wrote,

Book Release Day!

The Walls of the Universe is out today. Oh, joyous day! Book Release Day, if you ask any author, is like Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. The celebrations have already begun here at Chateau Melko. The children greeted me dressed in Editor Clause suits, though Claire refused to keep the beard on or the cigar in her mouth for more than a minute. The walls were papered with rejection letters and the Book Release shrub had been decorated with popcorn balls and ornaments shaped like proofreader symbols. We've sung a number of Book Release Day carols, including our favorites "The Twelve Days of Royalties," "Do You Read What I Read?" and "We Wish You The Merry Film Rights." Later we'll gather around a roaring bonfire and burn the pages of the uncorrected proofs one by one.

Yes, Happy Book Release Day to one and all!

And the books is available on Amazon. ;)

Tags: walls

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