paulmelko (paulmelko) wrote,

Hornets Climb Out of the Cellar!

Audrey's softball team tied in its penultimate game against the Bears and won its last game against the Eagles. That brings us to a rather pitiful record of 2-9-1. However, the one team we had beaten before was the Bears, and they were the second to worst team, meaning that our same records of 2-9-1 have us tied for last place. But for tournament play, the first tie-breaker is head-to-head competition; our record against the Bears is 1-0-1, making us seeded 5th for the tournament. We play the Eagles again.

So there's a good chance we can at least win one game in the tournament, and with the way the girls have been playing lately, we have a good chance to take it all. (All right, I'm dreaming, but I'm allowed.)
Tags: audrey, softball

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