paulmelko (paulmelko) wrote,

Hornets Win! Hornets Win!

Audrey's softball team won for the first time tonight. They had lost 5 in a row, and, man, was that no fun. They were one bunch of mopey 7- and 8-year-olds. We were tied at the bottom of the last inning, and Jordan was up. She had struck-out twice before, the second time resulting in a good cry. But this time, she dinged it down the third-base line. Hannah was up next and advanced Jordan to second. Then Katelyn was up. Katelyn hit back-to-back triples in the very first game of the season, but since then had been struggling. Tonight, she'd struck-out once and hit into a fielder's choice. But this time, Katelyn smacked a double that drove in Jordan.

Hornets win!

I think we could still end up with a winning season....
Tags: audrey, softball

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